Machine rounded log, manufacture and sale, Karelia and Leningrad region.

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1. Manufacturing of houses, saunas, pavilions and various wooden constructions from machine rounded logs.

machine rounded logOur production is manufactured of Karelian coniferous wood (spruce, pine) both according to the standard design that we have in our base and to an individual order sent by a client to our address. All the projects are subjects to alternations at a client's request.

Possible diameters of machine rounded log manufacturing vary from 180 mm to 260 mm, which makes production circle flexible and allows to produce both small constructions (pavilions, saunas, houses for children) and big buildings (wooden cottages, houses, houses-saunas)

machine rounded log price

Production is made on the rotary-lathe equipment which provides high quality of processing (perfectly smooth surface) and absolute lack of crook.

At a client's request , test assembling of a house can be carried out on the territory of our mill, as well as erection of house on the territory of Karelia and Leningradskaya region.

2. Manufacturing of landscape design elements (borders, flower-beds, benches, wells) from machine rounded logs.

Saunas, pavilions, wells from machine rounded logs

3. Supply of projects with necessary sawn timber.

We supply our projects with structural sawn timber (edged sawn timber, planed sawn goods and etc.)

  • edged sawn timber
  • flooring boards
  • profiled boards

4. Manufacturing and wholesale of rounded timber.

machine rounded log saw-timbers

  • machine rounded logs

from Karelian pine and spruce (without cups with compensating sawcut and longitudinal bottom groove or cups cut according to your project).

5. Wholesale of sawn timber and profiled production at a client's specification.

6. Working out of construction projects from machine rounded logs at a client's specification.

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