Houses, saunas, pavilions and various wooden constructions made of machine rounded logs

Timber houses from machine rounded logs

Machine rounded logs - manufacturing and sales of houses and saunas from machine rounded logs

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Today houses produced of machine rounded logs gain more and more popularity both in Russia and abroad. Wood is the most ecological constructional material. Houses from machine rounded logs are noted for their unique beauty and at the same time economy, since none of the additional external finishing is needed. Many clients prefer not to use internal finishing either. The microclimate of a log house influences in a favorable way the state of health of its tenants.

Machine rounded log is a type of building material combining beauty, moderate cost and quality shrinkage. Each log is treated with an antiseptic protecting wood from spoiling. The use of such a building material shortens time spent on a house erection, since the additional adjustment as for dimensions and diameters is not required. A house is assembled as a meccano, with each detail numbered, which provides exact assembling in accordance with a project.

We would like to draw your attention that our company is located in the northern part of Russia. For our production we use solely northern wood, which has a number of advantages as, for example, high density. Houses made of Karelian pine have always been known for its durability. The architectural monument located on the Kizhi island is the brightest example of the best qualities of Karelian wood.
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